Welcome to my video page! This page is arranged from oldest on top to newest on bottom. Each of these links goes straight to the corresponding YouTube video and I'll be sure to keep it updated as I add more videos, featuring the new video in a new blog post. Enjoy and leave comments if you wish!

Enyo vs Ishkur   (10/18/2012)

Enyo vs Condor, Thrasher, Imperial Navy Slicer   (10/19/2012)

Ares, Enyo, Hookbill vs Stabber   (10/23/2012)

Enyo, Retribution, Stabber vs Myrmidon, Harbinger   (10/31/2012)

Enyo, Retribution vs Vexor   (10/31/2012)

Enyo vs Incursus   (10/31/2012)

Very First Time Seeing a Titan   (11/26/2012)

Gang vs Dominix, Megathron   (11/28/2012)

Vengeance vs Raven   (01/05/2013)

Ladistier Frig Fest!   (01/11/2013)

Perseverance Pays Off   (01/30/2013)

Federation Navy Comet vs Slasher vs Retribution   (02/15/2013)

DeathRace 2013 Finish Line   (03/20/2013)

Wolf vs Maller, Incursus   (05/16/2013)

Vengeance vs Jag   (06/01/2013)

Slicer vs Naga Commentary   (07/01/2013)

Proteus Task Force   (07/02/2013)

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