Holy Dodixie!

Sleepers in wormhole space. They look mean

And again with the Sleepers. Lookin at me funny

Hey John! \o

Hiding from the scary an asteroid

Gallente Frigate 5 is done!

Just a capsule, please ignore

John...our minds are too alike sometimes

Flying into a Spatial Rift, take 1!

Flying into a Spatial Rift, take 2!

Screen capture from my trip to New Eden (the system). That
isn't the sun, it's some other light source I'm not sure about.

Another from New Eden, this time while going through a planet!

My ship needs repairs!

It really needs repairs!

Some vessels have flames painted on them. I opt for the real thing.

The wreck of my first 1v1 AF v. AF victim!

Pirating can be lucrative at times :)

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